Monday, 7 July 2014

Mental Health #5 - Expectations

Denis is an 11 year old, short, dark and chubby boy who loves playing with cars and trucks like other boys do, except that he has an exceptional interest in making his own cars with wire. Making extra little miniature cars for his friends doesn't come cheap as he sells them to earn extra pocket money. His dad does not really have a stable job and dreams of Denis becoming an engineer. Eight years down the line, Denis is doing his first year in Civil Engineering at one of the Universities chosen by his parents. He does well in his course, completes his degree in the set out 3 year period, and graduates cum laude.

A local engineering giant co. offers him a lucrative salary for an entry level position, but Denis is uncertain of the position, he takes 4 weeks to think about the offer and what that would mean for his family especially his dad, so he decides to accept the offer and starts working as a junior engineer. At age 25, after working for the engineering co. for four years, Denis’s mom notices that he’s losing a lot of weight, his skin is becoming dull, he leaves church earlier than usual, does not participate in family gatherings anymore, and has become quite withdrawn. On the other hand at work, his manager sets up a meeting with him over his slacking performance since his promotion to the senior engineer role.

You see, Denis has been struggling with depression and chronic stress for as long as he can remember enrolling for the Engineering course; he had never wanted to be an engineer that…was his dad’s dream. Denis has always wanted to be a layout artist so that he can create quality publications for the ministry he was interested in joining, but due to his family’s situation he chose his dad’s dream over his call. Denis still wants to follow his call, but does not know how to break the news to his family. Did you know that like Denis, many individuals are stuck in occupations they never wanted to be in? They’re stuck in relationships that hinder their spiritual growth, and are living according to the expectations of their loved ones or general others. Did you know that many people have suffered long-term health illnesses; some have even died due to unhappiness? What has God called you to? Are you heeding that call?