Sunday, 16 June 2013


We are living in a technological age where information is widely accessible to everyone. Gone are the days when our grandparents and even our parents would send letters having to wait weeks, perhaps even months to get a response. With the introduction of electronic media, information is accessible at the “touch of a mouse.” With such a vast range of media, studies indicate that most people are not bothered much about the regular weather report, politics and history, however; it is amazing that the common interest among individuals throughout the world is the issue of health.

Health is a treasure that should be guarded with all that we have, and like water, health should be treated as an important resource that if lost, would probably not be easily recovered. For years governments have been formulating and trying to implement effective health policies with the aim of ensuring that more people live longer, and healthier lives within society, however; even with improved surgical techniques, better anesthesia  and safer blood transfusions, disease keeps increasing. More hospitals and clinics are being built, some extended, and yet more people are dying. Since medical science often treats the symptoms, is it not time to deal with the cause? If we were to really take advantage of the knowledge that we posses now, most people would live well over 90 in good health.

Health is determined largely by the lifestyle choices that we make. Exposure to certain environmental factors, like where we live and work, determines whether we become statistics or not. If it is your desire to live a quality life, avoiding the most prevalent debilitating diseases, suffering, premature aging, even premature death, this website was designed just for you!